Edgar is his name. Social Media Management is his game. It’s actually his forte! And yes, he’s an Social Media Management Scheduling Tool Edgar.

Meet Edgar Here

Edgar makes our digital lives here at BmoreEvents much easier in a multitude of ways. As a small startup focused on promoting charity events and sharing digital marketing resources for nonprofit benefit, exposure is critical.

How has a sea creature adapted to become a social media management savior?

1) Convenience

Being able to easily manage our channels and the content we’re distributing is necessary to maximize exposure and minimize time spent doing so. With color coded scheduling, time zones, stats for likes, comments and shares across multiple accounts as well as categories, content management is a breeze. The best part, a constant queue of relevant posts supporting the events we promote and benefiting our network. Edgar was created by social media enthusiast and expert, Laura Roeder.

2) Content

Oh, and we can add RSS feeds from the most respected sites in the industry to help share resources more easily. Our library has about 1,000 posts and our queue for the next two weeks has 300+ posts scheduled which really strengthens our ability to constantly publish beneficial content for our supporters.

Edgar RSS (1)

3) Crushing Goals

In November when we started using Edgar we had 271 followers. In April we were up to 1,217 followers!

[Tweet “Twitter success: In less than 6 months we’ve grown our followers by 349%! #SocialMedia #TwitterTips”]

Social Media Tool

These are also REAL followers as demonstrated by #TwitterAudit.

Twitter Audti

*We’ve gained almost 40 followers in 4 days since this screenshot.

For $49/mo. Edgar has allowed us to achieve the results sought from a part or full time employee.

We should mention that here at BmoreEvents we have an occasional intern and some partners that help out with individual projects, but for the most part our Founder and Chief Do-Gooder, Adam Van Bavel is the only person running the show. While only one man, Edgar allows him to be in many places at once and make the most of each social channel.

Edgar Social Media Scheduling Tool

If you want to make an intelligent and strategic investment to benefit your digital efforts, we can’t recommend Edgar enough.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out this piece from Social Media Examiner
20 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros“.

We look forward to continued innovation, success and exciting outcomes thanks to Edgar!