At BmoreEvents, one of our goals is to improve outcomes for nonprofits utilizing technology to fulfill their mission. We highlight many resources that help NPOs build momentum, but this post brings you 7+ of the latest and greatest free marketing tools. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best technologies with the greatest benefits to help your organization achieve success!

#1: Google Primer

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Marketing lessons in 5 minutes or less on the go or at your desk…this app has case studies, expert tips, interactive quizzes and fluid functionality! Whether it’s figuring out content marketing, gaining PR/media insight or navigating SEM (search engine marketing), Primer helps you with real world experience. This free marketing tool is great for beginners and experts alike. Follow on Twitter: @yourprimer

#2: Buffer [Social Media]

Social media is a job in itself. The content. The posting. The scheduling. The tools to do so. Speaking of scheduling tools, Buffer is a fantastic app that allows you to have a free account to manage one Twitter, Facebook (page or profile), and LinkedIn account with up to 10 updates in your buffer, aka scheduler.

The main feature is the ability to set a schedule unique to each of the accounts you manage in Buffer. Once you have your updating schedule(s) set up in Buffer, you can add new updates easily with their user friendly interface. Simply edit your update and select the social networks you would like it sent out to. Buffer will place the update in the next available time slot on your updating schedule.

Buffer also has apps and extensions across multiple platforms to make sharing and scheduling quality content efficient and effective.

#3: Click to Tweet [Twitter]

This is a great service to plug into your content for custom tailored messaging and one click sharing on Twitter. Monitor your dashboard and view analytics to see how your links are being shared. See how it works –> Tweet: 7 Free #Marketing Tools that will allow you to harness Technology in a powerfully cohesive way!

* CoSchedule Click to Tweet [WordPress Plugin]

This is a great option for WordPress users as it creates a clean image vs. only a text display. Downloaded by more than 15,000 of the world’s top blogs…try it out below today!

[Tweet “Free #WordPress #ClickToTweet plugin used by 15,000+ top blogs AND 8 more free marketing tools!”]

#4: Quill Engage [Analytics]

Google Analytics is a necessary tool, but it can be overwhelming. Even if you have a basic understanding of the reports you feel are important for your goals the basis is still rooted in numbers, percentages, and graphs.

Quill Engage is a free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and emails you weekly summaries of your data. It tells you about your site’s traffic growth or decline trends, the source of your traffic, your best pages and/or posts and much more.

There are similar tools on the market that provide reports on your data, but Quill Engage stands out because it uses an artificial intelligence engine to process the information and deliver it to you as if somebody wrote a report explaining all of the important information.

*Quill Engage currently only supports reporting on Google Analytics.

#5: MailChimp [Email]

If your non-profit is growing or you’re looking for a way to increase your exposure, email marketing is a necessity. There are many companies that provide great email marketing solutions. We’re partial to MailChimp. There are a number of ways that nonprofits can benefit from using MailChimp. The first is that there is a FREE version up until 2,000 subscribers. If you exceed that number MailChimp will discount the paid version 15%. Read More

#6: HubSpot Sales [Email]

Have you ever wondered if that email you sent was received? Did it go to spam? Was it opened? When was it opened? Did they click on any links in the email? Knowing that kind of information is why you sent the email in the first place…to have an opportunity. HubSpot (we’re a big fan of their culture and products) Sales allows you to know when your email is opened, how many times and what links have been viewed. View your activity in a “Stream” and sort through filter options including opened, unopened and clicks with the date, time and location the email was viewed.

#7: LeadIn [WordPress Plugin]

You might be familiar with the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and know of organizations using complex and costly options to maintain their supporters, but if you use WordPress for your website LeadIn is a lightweight CRM plugin. View your stats in the dashboard, manage contacts, create signup forms and set tags for contact tracking. They also allow you to directly sync contacts with some of the big email marketing providers like MailChimp.


Google for Nonprofits

Google offers a slew of services for nonprofits that work together to amplify your marketing efforts.

To apply for a Google for Nonprofits membership, go here and follow the basic steps outlined below. Make sure to review the eligibility requirements before applying, as some types of organizations are not eligible.

You might have heard of some of these free marketing tools before, but we hope you’ve found several that you can put to use immediately. Do you know of a great tool that we’re missing? Please feel free to share it in the comments and we’ll include it in our next roundup.

Thanks for reading and please share this post if you find it valuable!