By Sarah Obenauer, Founder + Director, Make a Mark

The Make a Mark Baltimore Make-a-Thon, a 12-hour design and development marathon benefiting local nonprofit and humanitarian organizations, will be held on April 14th at City Garage.

This event brings together amateur and professional designers, developers, copywriters, social media experts, photographers, videographers and other talented makers to create pro-bono work for deserving causes in an energetic 12-hour marathon. The projects include updated branding, websites, print materials, social media collateral, mobile apps and more.

Make A Mark – New York City from Make Beautiful on Vimeo.

These events are designed specifically for each locality with the idea in mind that a community should help define its unique needs.

Steph Loughran and a crew of talented individuals at Mindgrub have been working diligently on creating an event that will be a perfect fit for Baltimore.

“In Baltimore, we’re lucky to live in a place with an active design community and so many events for networking. With that concept, we could use our combined talents in a way that will serve a greater purpose. There’s a huge need in this city for volunteers to help make it a better place, and for just one day’s worth of hard work we can assist in a way that will provide dividends for years to come,” said Steph Loughran, Make a Mark Baltimore Site Leader.

The make-a-thon gives makers an opportunity to create unique, meaningful work and develop a motivated and inspired community. We, as designers, marketers and technologists, are able to serve those nonprofits that spend their days being underpaid, understaffed and under-appreciated to do the work that saves our neighbors, our friends and even those that go forgotten.

Make a Mark Make-a-Thon

The Baltimore Make-a-Thon is about creating a safe and controlled environment for pro-bono collaboration. It is about creating an equity of design for organizations that worry about the toughest problems in our world, slave over grants and reports and sacrifice money and time with their families so we don’t have to think about or solve these same problems.

Through our work to help nonprofits, we are providing beautiful design and technology that can provide grants and share stories. But we are also sharing experiences and spreading hope to one another. We are saying a small thank you to those in our society that work tirelessly. We are building empathy in a world that needs it desperately.

“Baltimore doesn’t have the monuments or attractions you see in Washington D.C. or Philadelphia, but we like it that way. It is a city of neighborhoods rather than a traditional city, and people look out for each other here,” Loughran said.

Learn more about the Make a Mark Baltimore Make-a-Thon or contact Steph at