Moveable Feast
Moveable Feast is participating in Baltimore Eats for Good, an area wide campaign that brings together restaurants, retailers and nonprofits for a fun, easy to do fundraising event. Baltimore Eats for Good and BmoreEvents sat down with Moveable Feast to learn more about their mission and work in the community.

Tell us about your nonprofit (or cause) in your own words:

Moveable Feast is a 25 year old nonprofit that provides healthy and nutritious food to people with chronic and life threatening illness: HIV/AIDS, cancer, renal disease, diabetes, CVD, etc. For individuals who are impeded from fulfilling their activities of daily living because of the inability to access, afford or prepare food for themselves, Moveable Feast is the answer!

We believe that FOOD=MEDICINE!

If you stay healthy during your illness, your medical treatment costs less. Thus, we create a healthier community while containing health care costs for us all. We provide up to 18 meals/week, as well as supplement food for those who need them, at no cost to the individual and their families.

Clients also receive medical nutritional therapy from a registered dietitian to ensure that they have a good understanding of the impact of food on their treatment, medications and overall health care.

Moveable Feast also operates a workforce development program around food training: a 12 week course gives individuals who want a career in the food industry the opportunity to study for ServSafe certification, as well as a hands on experience in a commercial kitchen, followed by job search and employment placement.

As a community based organization we rely heavily on volunteers to fulfill our mission. Individuals, civic and faith based and school groups, corporations, etc., may volunteer time and talent and treasure to fulfill our mission, 365/year!

You can find us on the web at  or on Twitter @Moveable_Feast

Tell us about a project/campaign/service you are currently working on?

We are always working to strengthen our two signature events:

Ride for the Feast:  RFTF draws nearly 300 cyclists to engage in a 2-day, 140 mile bike ride to raise over $700k for our charity! These are an incredible and dedicated group of volunteers and donors!

Dining Out for Life: DOFL engages over 50 local restaurant owners to give 25-100% of their income on one night to support the mission of Moveable Feast.  Again, the finest group of community trumpeters you will will find in Bmore!

Tell us specifically how your nonprofit or cause has impacted the community you serve.

[Tweet “Last year @Moveable_Feast provided 780,000 meals to 5,450 clients throughout #Maryland.”]

We also trained 56 individuals in food service and placed 28 of them in employment.

What are some of your and your colleagues favorite restaurants in the Baltimore area?

Gertrude’s at the Baltimore museum of Art, Woodbury Kitchen, Brewer’s Art, City Cafe, and any and all restaurants and food businesses that support Dining Out Life Life!

What is your favorite “Baltimore” food?

Crab Cakes.

Who are your favorite local celebrities and why?

Ron Matz  from WJZ TV  –  easy access, committed to his community, no big ego, broad impact, a great guy!

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