By Justin Kersey, Chief Marketing Officer, Cake Cause Marketing

Offit Kurman is using Cake Cause Marketing (Cake), a Baltimore startup company, to run a digital cause marketing campaign with the Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center. On the Cake platform, Offit Kurman made a campaign landing page and pledged $10,000 to the Lombardi Center. For ever person that visits the landing page and clicks on the ‘Click Here to Help!’ button, Offit Kurman will contribute $20 to the Lombardi Center towards the full amount of the pledge.

The goal of the campaign is to create buzz and social media chatter around the Lombardi Center’s important work and their upcoming Fall Gala. Offit Kurman also benefits from the campaign by gaining exposure to Georgetown University students and alumni through social media channels.

Lombardi Cancer Center

Recent surveys show that the general public is interested in corporate social responsibility. People want to know how companies are giving back to their communities. A full 90% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that support causes that are important to them, all else equal.  

89% consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause

Millennials are a particularly important audience for cause marketing. They closely associate with the brands they buy and are public about the causes and ideologies they support. By 2017, Millennials are expected to be the largest consumer demographic in the world, representing approximately $10 trillion of purchasing power. Companies and brands are quickly moving to align themselves with causes that are important to this demographic. When polled, Millennial consumers are:

  • 74 percent are more likely to pay attention to that company’s message because it has a deep commitment to a cause
  • 83 percent are likely to trust the company more
  • 79 percent are likely to purchase that company’s products
  • 44 percent are likely to actively pursue working at that company

Justin Kersey, the founder of Cake, feels that businesses are interested in connecting with Millennials and nonprofit supporters online. However, there is a lack of tools available. If a company can support a great nonprofit, create buzz for a cause and interact with an online audience, then why would they go back to just ‘cutting a check’. Cake exists to help businesses and nonprofits work together.

Offit Kurman and other businesses like Great Outdoor Provision Company and Colliers International have utilized the Cake platform to interact with customers, clients and nonprofit supporters. The results include social media sharing, website traffic, new clients and sales.