Tiny Pitch

Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie to the world of communications (marketing, publicity and public relations) chances are you’ve tried your hand at a press release in one form or another. If you’re old fashioned or new to the game, maybe you wrote one and sent it out to select contacts as an e-mail attachment. If you’ve grown set in your ways maybe you sent it as a link to an existing list you’ve built up over time. If you’re forward thinking and always looking for the next “it” tool to put to work while diversifying your efforts, keep reading.

With Tiny.pr, your release is created easily via e-mail. Think of drafting an e-mail and that’s exactly how you create a release. The subject becomes the headline. The body becomes the content. The attachment becomes the image. Simple.

These releases are new school. They’re created via e-mail using your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can create a release for free in the same amount of time you could go to a paid release site, sign-up for a free account only to find out it’s not free and then be confused as to how you would even complete the process if you were to move forward. As opposed to the latter, Tiny Pitch allows you to take advantage of the internet. Online.

You can easily share the story with a link, across social media channels or by embedding code. Interactive.

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Tiny Pitch

“All brands, including non-profits, need to be thinking about content as something that’s not tethered to a desktop” says Jason Kintzler, Tiny Pitch Founder/CEO.

Content is everywhere these days, so being nimble (Tiny Pitch releases are created via e-mail, so you can easily send live releases from the road, events, etc.) and making it easy for people to read and share your information is more important than ever.

Tiny Pitch is “the” press release service for nonprofits looking to stay fresh vs. an otherwise stale way of reaching people! Give it a try and let us know what you think?


  • Use Bit.ly to create track-able links (also widely known as safe to click) that can be customized to show the source.
    Ex: http://bit.ly/M4KB2014
  • Use images (you can have more than one) that are bold and branded.
  • Use links as “calls to action” for where you want to drive people or validate your information.
  • Use #hashtags for search / discover-ability on the Tiny.pr site and also to familiarize readers with your brand.
  • Stay tuned for video inclusion COMING SOON to increase share-ability of the release and create greater interest.

Master your Pitch: Tiny Pitch 101 & other insights from Founder/CEO, Jason Kintzler.